Meet the Behavioral Research Program Featured Grantees

Process of Care (PCRB)

  • John Luque , Georgia Southern University
    Cancer Education Researcher and Medical Anthropologist

    "During the course of our present study, we lost one of our promotoras from the Latino immigrant community to cancer. This unfortunate event has only strengthened our resolve to educate even more women about cancer prevention and screening."
  • David Miller , Wake Forest School of Medicine
    Primary Care Physician and Health Services Researcher

    "As a primary care physician and health services researcher, I am excited about the potential for new mobile technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care that we deliver."
  • Katherine Sterba , Medical University of South Carolina
    Behavioral Scientist

    "During my training, I had the opportunity to observe interactions in couples who were coping with the struggles of chronic illness. I saw first-hand the power of teamwork as partners worked together to overcome illness-related challenges. This inspired my dedication to the development and testing of dyadic interventions for our growing population of cancer survivors and their families to help them work together to face physical, emotional and social post-treatment concerns."