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Science of Research and Technology Branch (SRTB)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
David Berrigan Berrigan
David Program Director Physical Activity and the Built Environment; Energy Balance and Carcinogenesis; Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology of Behavioral and Life History Traits HBRB, SRTB
Elizabeth Ginexi Ginexi
Elizabeth Program Director Tobacco control, Environmental and Policy approaches, the Role of Community and Social Norms, the effects of Media and Marketing, Research on the Dissemination of Science, Applying Innovative methods and models for behavioral science TCRB, SRTB
Kara Hall Hall
Kara Program Director Science of team science, health behavior theory, dissemination and implementation science, system science approaches, research methods, intervention development SRTB, HBRB
Joan Harris Harris
Joan Program Specialist   SRTB
Todd Horowitz Horowitz
Todd Program Director Attention, Visual Perception, Circadian Rhythms BBPSB, SRTB
Stephanie Land Land
Stephanie Program Director Tobacco use and cessation among cancer patients, tobacco use and cancer chemoprevention and screening, clinical trials TCRB, SRTB
James McClain McClain
James Program Director mHealth Technology and Scalable Research Systems SRTB
Richard Moser Moser
Richard SRTB Acting Chief and a Program Director Statistical methodology, survey methodology, risk perceptions, health cognitions, end-of-life SRTB
Elise Rice Rice
Elise Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   SRTB
Katrina Serrano Serrano
Katrina Fellow - Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   SRTB
Amanda Vogel Vogel
Amanda Contractor, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.   SRTB
Christopher  Wheldon Wheldon
Christopher Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow   SRTB
Gordon Willis Willis
Gordon Program Director Survey methods, questionnaires design, pretesting, physician surveys, human subjects protection, cancer risk factor epidemiology SRTB, TCRB