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Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch (HCIRB)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
David Ahern Ahern
David Special Advisor   HCIRB
Debbie Allen Allen
Debbie Extramural Support Assistant   HCIRB
Kelly Blake Blake
Kelly Program Director Media Effects, Social Epidemiology, Communication Inequality, Public Health Policy, Tobacco Control, Survey Research Methods HCIRB, TCRB
Wen-Ying Chou Chou
Wen-Ying Program Director Web 2.0 and social media, patient-provider communication, qualitative and mixed methods health research, health literacy, health disparities, global cancer control research HCIRB, PCRB
Kasia Galica Galica
Kasia Contractor, ICF International   HCIRB
Meredith Grady Grady
Meredith Public Health Advisor   OAD, TCRB, HCIRB
Bradford Hesse Hesse
Bradford Chief, HCIRB Health communication, informatics research, human system integration HCIRB
Devlon Jackson Jackson
Devlon Fellow - Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   HCIRB
Glen Morgan Morgan
Glen Program Director Nicotine Addiction, Smoking Cessation and Treatment, Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers TCRB, HCIRB
Richard Moser Moser
Richard Program Director Statistical methodology, survey methodology, risk perceptions, health cognitions, end-of-life SRTB, HCIRB
April Oh Oh
April Program Director Social determinants of health, contextual influences on health behavior and communication, community health promotion, physical activity, diet, obesity HCIRB, HBRB
Chan Thai Thai
Chan Fellow - Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   HCIRB
Bob Vollinger Vollinger
Bob Program Director State and Community Interventions, Tobacco Control Policy and Media TCRB, HCIRB