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Office of the Associate Director (OAD)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
Ami Bahde Bahde
Ami Public Health Advisor   OAD, TCRB
Joan Becker Becker
Joan Program Analyst   OAD
Juanita Cox Cox
Juanita Extramural Support Assistant   OAD
Rebecca Ferrer Ferrer
Rebecca Program Director Social psychology, health psychology, affective science, emotion, health behavior theory, decision science, risk perception BBPSB, OAD
Meredith Grady Grady
Meredith Public Health Advisor   OAD, TCRB, HCIRB
Debbie Greenberg Greenberg
Debbie Program Analyst   OAD
Emily Grenen Grenen
Emily Fellow - Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   OAD
Annette Kaufman Kaufman
Annette Program Director Tobacco control, policy, applied social psychology, risk perception, multiple health behavior change, health behavior theory, health communication TCRB, OAD
William  Klein Klein
William Associate Director, BRP Social Psychology, Risk Perception, Decision-Making OAD
Kate McNeill McNeill
Kate Public Health Advisor   OAD
Mary O'Connell O'Connell
Mary Public Health Advisor   OAD
Jerry  Suls Suls
Jerry Senior Scientist Role of social influence, cognitive, affective and biological factors in risk and adaptation to cancer and heart disease. OAD
Jennifer  Taber Taber
Jennifer Fellow - Cancer Research Training Award   OAD
Gina Tesauro Tesauro
Gina Public Health Advisor   OAD