Brooke Stipelman

Brooke Stipelman , PhD

Contractor, Kelly Government Solutions
Science of Research and Technology Branch (SRTB)
Behavioral Research Program (BRP)

Dr. Stipelman is a Scientific Program Manager for Kelly Government Solutions providing support to the Science of Research and Technology Branch (SRTB) within the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). She is a member of the NCI Science of Team Science (SciTS) team, engaging in the research and evaluation of transdisciplinary initiatives relevant to collaborative team sciences. Dr. Stipelman received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the George Washington University, and her Master of Arts degree and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland. Before becoming a contractor, Dr. Stipelman spent one year as a postdoctoral Cancer Research Training Award Fellow (CRTA) as part of the Evaluation of Large Initiatives (ELI) team within the OAD. Her duties as a CRTA fellow consisted primarily of project management and support for a number of on-going projects within the team such as a bibliometric study of the TTURC initiative and the creation of a web-based toolkit designed to evaluate and facilitate team science.

Current and past BRP mentors include Kara Hall.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Stipelman, B. A, Augustson, E. M., & McNeel, T. The relationship between smoking, sleep, and chronic rheumatic conditions commonly associated with pain in the National Health Interview Survey. J Behav Med 2012; ePub Ahead of Print.

Hall, K. L., Stokols, D., Stipelman, B. A., Vogel, A., Feng, A., Masimore, B., Morgan, G., Moser, R. P., Marcus, S. E., & Berrigan, D. Does team science add value? A bibliometric study comparing the productivity of NIH-funded team science center grants with single investigator driven grants. Am J Prev Med 2012; 42(2):157-163.

Hall, K.L., Stokols, D., Stipelman, B.A., Vogel, A.L, Feng, A., Masimore, B., Morgan, G., Moser, R.P., Marcus, S.E., & Berrigan, D. Assessing the Value of Team Science: A Study Comparing Center- and Investigator-Initiated Grants. Am J Prev Med 2012 Feb; 42(2):157-163.

Misra, S., Stokols, D., Hall, K. L., Feng, A. & Stipelman, B. A. Collaborative processes in transdisciplinary research and efforts to translate scientific knowledge into evidence-based health practices and policies. In M. Kirst, N. Schaefer-McDaniel, S. Hwang, & P. O'Campo (Eds.) Converging Disciplines: A Transdisciplinary Research Approach to Urban Health Problems . 2011; New York:Springer:97-110.

Vogel, A. L., Stipelman, B. A., Feng, A., Stokols, D., Hall, K. L., & Nebeling, L. Strategies for facilitating and supporting cross-disciplinary team science on cancer: Lessons from the National Cancer Institute's TREC initiative. Poster Presented at the 2011 American Public Health Association Conference. Washington, DC. . .

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