Sarah Kobrin

Sarah Kobrin , PhD, MPH

Program Director
Office of the Associate Director (OAD)
Behavioral Research Program (BRP)

Research Area: Health behavior theory, decision making under uncertainty, risk perception

Sarah Kobrin, PhD, MPH has been working in the field of cancer control for more than 10 years; she is currently a Program Director in the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Process of Care Research Branch (PCRB). Her areas of interest include risk perception, decision making under uncertainty, and measurement, particularly in regard to breast and prostate cancer screening. Her research includes development of a scale, based on attitudes rather than beliefs, to assess perceptions of breast cancer risk. Prior to moving to the NCI in December 2003, Dr. Kobrin was a Walther Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Duke University Cancer Prevention and Control Program. She trained at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health.

Secondary Branch Appointment:  Science of Research and Technology Branch (SRTB)

Current and past BRP mentees include Jada Hamilton, Miho Tanaka and Stephanie Land.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Skinner, C. S., Kobrin, S. C., Campbell, M. C., & Sutherland, L. The role of advanced technology in adherence interventions. In, Patient treatment adherence: Concepts, interventions and measurement. Tobacco Science, Policy, and Public Health, 2nd Edition 2005.

Skinner, C. S., Kreuter, M. W., Kobrin, S. C., & Strecher, V. J. Perceived and Actual Breast Cancer Risk: Optimistic and Pessimistic Biases. J Health Psychol 1998; 3(2).

Kreuter, M. W., Strecher, V. J., Harris, R., Kobrin, S. C., & Skinner, C. S. Are patients of female physicians screened more aggressively? A prospective study of physician gender and screening. J Gen Intern Med 1995; 10(3):119-125.

Strecher, V. J., Kreuter, M. W., & Kobrin, S. C. Do cigarette smokers have unrealistic perceptions of their heart attack, cancer and stroke risks?. J Behav Med 1995; 18(1):45-54.

Strecher, V. J., Kobrin, S. C., Kreuter, M. W., Roodhouse, K., & Farrell, D. Opportunities for alcohol screening and counseling in primary care. J Fam Pract 1994; 39(1):26-32.

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