Stephen Taplin

Stephen Taplin , MD, MPH

Chief, PCRB
Process of Care Research Branch (PCRB)
Behavioral Research Program (BRP)

Research Area: Screening implementation, Care Transitions, Medical Team Functioning, Multi-level Research, and Health Care Delivery

Stephen Taplin, MD, MPH, is the Branch Chief of the Process of Care Research Branch (PCRB) within the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS), Behavioral Research Program (BRP), at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer screening. He completed his Family Medicine Residency in Rochester, New York, in 1983, and his Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship in Seattle in 1985. Dr. Taplin built his research career around the problems that arose from his day-to-day practice as a primary care physician and the leader of breast cancer screening program that served 100,000 women in an integrated health plan. He has been conducting research funded by NCI for most of his career, and he has more than 150 publications in peer-reviewed journals, including work on determinants of mammography use, factors affecting mammography interpretation, costs of cancer care, the evaluation of screening implementation, and multilevel interventions in cancer care delivery.

He moved to NCI after working for 20 years as a clinician/researcher at Group Health, an integrated care plan in the Northwest. He worked as a Program Director in the Applied Research Program (ARP), managing the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium before joining BRP full time. Dr. Taplin is currently working with a variety of investigators to consider new issues in cancer screening, the evaluation of multilevel contextual effects on health care delivery across the cancer continuum, and the role of teams in cancer care delivery.

Current and past BRP mentees include Bryan Leyva Vengoechea , Ekland Abdiwahab and Ekland Abdiwahab.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Yabroff, K. R., Klabunde, C. N., Yuan, G., McNeel, T. S., Brown, M. L., Casciotti, D., Buckman, D. W., & Taplin S. Are physicians' recommendations for colorectal cancer screening guideline-consistent?. J Gen Intern Med 2011; 26(2):177-184.

Taplin, S. H., Abraham, L., Geller, B. M., Yankaskas, B. C., Buist, D. S., Smith-Bindman, R., Lehman, C., Weaver, D., Carney, P. A., & Barlow, W. E. Effect of previous benign breast biopsy on the interpretive performance of subsequent screening mammography. J Natl Cancer Inst 2010; 102(14):1041-1051.

Ichikawa, L. E., Barlow, W. E., Anderson, M. L., Taplin, S. H., Geller, B. M., & Brenner, R. J. National Cancer Institute-sponsored Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium. Time trends in radiologists' interpretive performance at screening mammography from the community-based Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, 1996-2004. Radiology 2010; 256(1):74-82.

Taplin, S. H., Clauser, S., Rodgers, A. B., Breslau, E. S., & Rayson, D. Interfaces across the cancer continuum offer opportunities to improve the process of care. J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr 2010; 40:104-110.

Taplin, S. H. & Rodgers, A. B. Toward improving the quality of cancer care: Addressing the interfaces of primary and oncology-related subspecialty care. J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr 2010; 2010(40):3-10.

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