Grantee: Xiaoli Nan, PhD

Xiaoli Nan

Xiaoli Nan, PhD

Communication and Behavioral Scientist
  • University of Maryland, College Park

Xiaoli Nan specializes in health and risk communication, with particular focus on 1) the design of persuasive messages to influence health risk perceptions and behaviors and 2) the role of emerging media in promoting (or hindering) public health. Her work seeks to optimize health and risk communication in important public health domains such as cancer control, immunization, food safety, and climate change. Communication is a cost-effective means to enhancing public health. The scientific study of communication processes and effects leads to evidence-based communication strategies for addressing pressing public health challenges in the 21st century. Xiaoli Nan first became interested in persuasion while studying advertising in grad school. Since then her focus has shifted toward harnessing the power of persuasion for health promotion and cancer control.

My research suggests that people are both highly resistant and susceptible to persuasion. Science-informed persuasive strategies hold the key to developing cost-effective, ethical interventions for health behavior change”

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