Our team of accomplished scientists, research associates, fellows, and administrators is dedicated to advancing cancer-related behavioral science research. This staff directory can help you:

  • find the appropriate contact for a research project.
  • learn more about our network of mentorship and collaboration.
  • browse our program staff's range of talents and professional backgrounds.

You are welcome to contact our staff to learn more about behavioral research at the National Cancer Institute.

Photo Last Name First Name Title Research Areas Branch/ Office
Jennifer Bowers Bowers Jennifer Cancer Prevention Fellow Cancer Prevention; Social Influence; Risk Perceptions; Decision Making; Adolescent Health Behavior BBPSB
Samantha Cwalina Cwalina Samantha Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Tobacco product characteristics; Tobacco-related health disparities; Mental health; Young adult and military populations TCRB
Adaora Ezeani Ezeani Adaora iCURE Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Obesity; Prostate cancer risk, progression, and treatment; Lifestyle interventions; Health Disparities HBRB
Carlos Garrido Garrido Carlos Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Social determinants of cancer health; Cancer health disparities; Cognitive biases in health-focused decision-making; Implicit stereotyping and prejudice; Cancer health promotion; Cancer screening OAD
Naomi Greene Greene Naomi Cancer Prevention Fellow Alcohol epidemiology and control; Breast cancer; Cancer risk factors; Health disparities; Intersectionality theory; LGBT health HBRB
Alyssa Harrell Harrell Alyssa Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Patient-provider communication; Health information seeking behaviors; Patient self-advocacy OAD
Katie Heley Heley Katie Cancer Prevention Fellow Health communication; Visual communication; Stigma; Media; Ethics HCIRB
Chloe Huelsnitz Huelsnitz Chloe Cancer Prevention Fellow Social Relationships; Risk Perception and Risk Communication; Dyadic Processes; Health Beliefs and Health Behavior OAD
George Kueppers Kueppers George Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Cancer-related, communication-based behavioral interventions; Communicating emerging cancer risk factors (behavioral and psychological, substance use, obesity); Communication and information sharing between cancer research, media, and clinical settings; Public awareness and knowledge about cancer prevention and control; Communication technology and health disparities HCIRB, HBRB
Yuki Lama Lama Yuki Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Vaccine hesitancy; Parental vaccine decision making; Health disparities; Social media HCIRB
Mark Lowry Lowry Mark Cancer Research Training Award Fellow HBRB
Ashley Murray Murray Ashley Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Public Use Datasets; Data Harmonization; Health Behavior Promotion; Affective Associations OAD
Catherine Pichardo Pichardo Catherine Cancer Research Training Award Fellow OAD, HBRB
Heather Platter Platter Heather Cancer Prevention Fellow Decision-making; Risk perception and risk communication; Health literacy; Lung cancer screening; Tobacco control and prevention, smoking cessation OAD, TCRB
Jacob Rohde Rohde Jacob Cancer Prevention Fellow Health communication; Message design; Tobacco prevention and control; Social media; Social network analysis HCIRB
Leeann Siegel Siegel Leeann Cancer Research Training Award Postdoctoral Fellow Tobacco Control and Cessation, Health Communication, Health Disparities TCRB
Brennan Streck Streck Brennan Cancer Prevention Fellow Mind-body Connection; Psychological Stress; Cancer Survivorship; Aging; Psychoneuroimmunology BBPSB
Xiaojing Romy Wang Wang Xiaojing Romy Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Health communication; Health disparities; Doctor-patient communication; Intergroup/intercultural contact; Cultural identity; Technology-mediated communication; Health misinformation; Social scientific methodologies BBPSB
Jennifer Zink Zink Jennifer Cancer Prevention Fellow Pediatric Energy Balance Behaviors; Childhood Obesity; Primary Cancer Prevention HBRB