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Carolyn Reyes-Guzman

Carolyn Reyes-Guzman, PhD, MPH

Program Director
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Carolyn Reyes-Guzman, Ph.D., M.P.H., is a Program Director and Epidemiologist in the Behavioral Research Program's Tobacco Control Research Branch.

Prior to joining the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Reyes-Guzman was an Epidemiologist at the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP), Division of Population Health Sciences. At CTP, Dr. Reyes-Guzman conducted research, review, and evaluation in support of the regulation of tobacco products and was actively involved in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, where she maintains ongoing collaborations.

Before her work with CTP, Dr. Reyes-Guzman was a Cancer Research Training Award Fellow in the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics. Under the mentorship of Neil Caporaso, M.D., her research focused on low-intensity/some-day cigarette smoking. She also has several years of experience working within the private/non-profit sector in tobacco control research, including areas of co-substance use, health behaviors, and mental health disorders.

Dr. Reyes-Guzman currently supports a portfolio of grants related to tobacco use and cancer control, including light and intermittent smoking, behavioral co-morbidities of tobacco use such as alcohol use and depression, non-cigarette tobacco products, the application of advanced epidemiologic methods to analyze tobacco use exposure, genetics of nicotine dependence and tobacco use, tobacco control policies, and tobacco cessation interventions. She is interested in studying the epidemiology of light and intermittent cigarette smokers, along with their co-use of other tobacco products and substances. In addition to tobacco control research, Dr. Reyes-Guzman has collaborated on studies of other health behaviors such as sleep/circadian rhythm disruptions, co-occurring alcohol and mental health disorders, biomarkers of tobacco exposure, overweight/obesity, and observational studies of lung cancer and lung cancer screening.

Dr. Reyes-Guzman co-leads the Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS), serves as the NCI lead for the new Tobacco Longitudinal Mortality Study, and leads the partnership between NCI-DCCPS and the French National Cancer Institute (Institut National du Cancer - France).

Dr. Reyes-Guzman earned a Ph.D. and a Master in Public Health from George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts from Santa Clara University in California.

Secondary Branch Appointment: Center for Global Health

Current and/or past BRP mentors include Wen-Ying Sylvia Chou.

Current and/or past BRP mentees include Jamie Cordova, Margaret Mayer and Samantha Cwalina.

Research Areas

  • Low-dose/infrequent cigarette smoking
  • Concurrent use of multiple tobacco products
  • Behavioral epidemiology (tobacco use and its impact on other behaviors such as alcohol use, sleep health and mental health)
  • Tobacco biomarkers of exposure and harm

Selected Publications and Presentations

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