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Kathleen Lyons

I am a Rehabilitation Scientist.

Kathleen Lyons, Sc.D., O.T.R.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

I watched a colleague present a conceptual model of an oncology care intervention and he included "functional status" in the list of unmodifiable patient variables, along with age and disease site. That was the moment I truly understood the unique perspective and potential of rehabilitation science to enhance oncology care.

Dr. Lyons is a rehabilitation scientist with expertise in experimental design and mixed methods. Her applied research program is influenced by her training as an occupational therapist. The goal of her research is to build the evidence needed to maximize rehabilitation outcomes for adults living with cancer. The overarching question behind her research is: How can we support people living with cancer to fully participate in meaningful activities, life roles, and society through theory-driven and evidence-based rehabilitation? Her first R01 study tests an intervention designed to help breast cancer survivors develop strategies to enhance productivity at home, in the workplace, and in the community, and to create sustainable lifestyle changes that foster health, participation, and functional well-being. As such, the knowledge gained from that study has the potential to advance the mission of the Office of Cancer Survivorship of the National Cancer Institute by reducing disability and improving the quality of life of cancer survivors.

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Optimizing functional recovery of breast cancer survivors
Ashley Smith Publish File

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