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Maija Reblin

I am a Social and Health Psychologist.

Maija Reblin, Ph.D.

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

Early in my career, I was lucky to have access to naturalistic recordings of families coping with cancer at home. Listening to those participants' lives and stories has had the most profound impact on my program of research. It helps me to know what's important, but also some of the voices and experiences have just stuck with me over time.

Dr. Reblin's program of research focuses on how the social context impacts the psychological and physical health of family caregivers. She has two related lines of work under this umbrella. First, she conducts observational research on caregiver-patient dyads, often in the home, to identify communication and relationship characteristics that are associated with caregiver and patient psychological and physical health outcomes. Dr. Reblin has captured longitudinal naturalistic recordings of patients and caregivers enrolled in home hospice interacting with their care teams, as well as advanced cancer patients and caregivers interacting with each other at home over the course of a typical day. The rich observational data informs Dr. Reblin's second line of work, which is focused on the development and testing of strengths-based interventions to support caregivers or caregiver-patient dyads. For example, Dr. Reblin's current NCI-funded R01 tests an intervention to help caregivers of patients with primary brain tumors to leverage their existing social support networks and more effectively engage formal support services. The intervention is built on previous work that uses a web-based app as a cognitive tool and pairs this technology with human interaction in the form of a Caregiver Navigator. Dr. Reblin's research is highly interdisciplinary and collaborative, resulting in innovative approaches to study the experience of families coping with serious illness and the development of creative interventions to support family caregivers.

Grant Listing
Project Title Grant Number Program Director Publication(s)
A Stepped-care Psychosocial Intervention for Brain Tumor Family Caregivers
Michelle Mollica

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