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Philip Chow

I am a Behavioral and Digital Health Scientist.

Philip Chow, Ph.D.

University of Virginia

The purpose of research is ultimately to inform action. As a scientist initially trained to investigate the theoretical underpinnings that govern human emotion and behavior, I quickly discovered, as a postdoc, the need to conduct theoretically sound yet translatable research that could immediately and directly benefit individuals in need. I have been committed to that cause ever since.

Dr. Philip Chow is an Assistant Professor at the Center for Behavioral Health & Technology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trained as a clinical psychologist, he has a longstanding interest in the roles of affective, cognitive, and trait-based factors in health-related disorders. From his cross-disciplinary experience as a postdoctoral fellow working closely alongside engineers and health experts at UVA, Dr. Chow gained a particular interest in leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile technology to monitor and treat mental health issues. His research program focuses on using innovative research designs (e.g., optimization and adaptive designs) to develop, evaluate, and validate the use of mobile technology to address mental and behavioral health outcomes in cancer populations.

Dr. Chow's R37-funded project, "Evaluating a mobile application to reduce distress in breast cancer survivors using an adaptive design," will evaluate the efficacy of a digital mental health intervention to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety for breast cancer survivors. It will further test the added value of human coaching to increase engagement to the intervention for those who initially struggle to engage. The results of this project may result in an adaptive intervention for breast cancer survivors that is low cost, easily accessible, and highly efficient.

Grant Listing
Project Title Grant Number Program Director Publication(s)
Evaluating a mobile application to reduce distress in breast cancer survivors using an adaptive design
Erica Breslau

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