Erika L. Moen

I am a Health Data Scientist and Health Services Researcher.

Erika L. Moen, M.S., Ph.D.

Dartmouth College

Upon seeing a map associated with the American Society of Clinical Oncology's report on oncology workforce shortages, I realized that I could improve our understanding of access to specialty care in a way that recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary relationships by integrating network analysis, geography, and workforce data.

Erika Moen, Ph.D., is a health services researcher with expertise in network analysis, biostatistics, and cancer research. A primary focus of her research involves the analysis of large heath care administrative datasets to assemble cancer patient-sharing networks and examine associations between network characteristics, geography, and patient outcomes. Dr. Moen's NCI-funded mixed methods project will build a framework for using network analysis to improve access to interdisciplinary cancer care teams, with a particular focus on rural and underserved areas. The research team will develop statistical models and network simulations to examine how networks can be targeted to reduce geographic barriers and delays in care to improve patient outcomes. Semi-structured interviews with cancer care providers in rural and underserved areas will enhance the team's empirical interpretation of the patient-sharing networks observed with administrative data. The knowledge gained from this project is expected to provide network-based solutions to inform strategies for improving access to cancer care. Communication and dissemination of the project's findings with stakeholders will be facilitated through interactive nationwide maps and network visualizations.

Dr. Moen pursued this research because she recognized that existing measures of the oncology workforce did not adequately recognize the importance of multidisciplinary teams in cancer care delivery. She believes network data and visualizations have significant potential to provide health systems with the tools they need to improve access to cancer care for their catchment areas.

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Improving cancer health equity by targeting physician networks
Brenda Adjei

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