Our team of accomplished scientists, research associates, fellows, and administrators is dedicated to advancing cancer-related behavioral science research. This staff directory can help you:

  • find the appropriate contact for a research project.
  • learn more about our network of mentorship and collaboration.
  • browse our program staff's range of talents and professional backgrounds.

You are welcome to contact our staff to learn more about behavioral research at the National Cancer Institute.

Photo Last Name First Name Title Research Areas Branch/ Office
Tanya Agurs-Collins Agurs-Collins Tanya Program Director Lifestyle factors; Biomarkers and cancer risk in ethnic/minority populations; Gene-behavior interactions; Obesity and cancer risk; Health Disparities HBRB, BBPSB
David Berrigan Berrigan David Program Director Physical activity and the built environment; Energy balance and carcinogenesis; Ecology, evolution, and physiology of behavioral and life history traits HBRB, TCRB
Kelly Blake Blake Kelly Program Director Media effects; Social epidemiology; Communication inequality; Public health policy; Tobacco control; Survey research methods; Rural cancer control HCIRB, TCRB
Wen-Ying Chou Chou Wen-Ying Program Director Web 2.0 and social media; Patient-provider communication; Qualitative and mixed methods health research; Health literacy; Health disparities; Global cancer control research HCIRB, HSIRB
Mirjana Djordjevic Djordjevic Mirjana Program Director Tobacco products chemical composition and design; Novel tobacco products; Use behavior and smoking topography; Methods for chemical and toxicological testing; Biomarkers of exposure to nicotine and other tobacco and smoke toxicants TCRB
Rebecca Ferrer Ferrer Rebecca Program Director Emotion/affective science; Judgment and decision making; Risk perception; Social psychology BBPSB, HBRB
Rachel Grana Mayne Grana Mayne Rachel Program Director Behavioral factors associated with smoking and cessation; Phenomena of dual and polyuse of tobacco products, including novel products such as electronic cigarettes TCRB
Kara Hall Hall Kara Program Director Science of team science; Health behavior theory; Dissemination and implementation science; System science approaches; Research methods; Intervention development HBRB, BBPSB
Anne Hartman Hartman Anne Program Director Tobacco assessment/monitoring; Sun exposure assessment/monitoring TCRB, HBRB
Todd Horowitz Horowitz Todd Program Director Attention; Visual perception; Circadian rhythms BBPSB
Annette Kaufman Kaufman Annette Program Director Tobacco control; Policy; Applied social psychology; Risk perception; Multiple health behavior change; Health behavior theory; Health communication OAD, TCRB
Stephanie Land Land Stephanie Program Director Tobacco use and cessation among cancer patients; Tobacco use and cancer chemoprevention and screening; Clinical trials TCRB
Glen Morgan Morgan Glen Program Director Nicotine addiction; Smoking cessation and treatment; Transdisciplinary tobacco use research centers TCRB, HCIRB
Richard Moser Moser Richard Training Director and Research Methods Coordinator Statistical methodology; Survey methodology; Data harmonization; Health cognitions; End-of-life OAD
Wendy Nelson Nelson Wendy Program Director Decision making; Behavioral economics and health; Health numeracy/literacy; Human subjects protections; Cognitive effects of chemotherapy and cancer; Adherence to oral targeted therapies; Risk reduction strategies for women at high risk for ovarian cancer BBPSB, HCIRB
April Oh Oh April Program Director Social determinants of health, multilevel influences on health behavior and health communication; Community health promotion; Physical activity; Diet; Obesity; mHealth; Implementation science; HPV vaccination HCIRB, IS
Mark Parascandola Parascandola Mark Program Director Global health; Smokeless tobacco; Epidemiologic methods; Evaluation of tobacco control policies TCRB
Frank Perna Perna Frank Program Director Physical activity; School policy; Skin cancer prevention; Sport psychology; Cancer survivorship; Biopsychosocial mechanisms and theories of behavior change HBRB, IS
Yvonne Prutzman Prutzman Yvonne Program Director Smoking cessation; Co-morbid conditions; Emerging technologies for cessation; Youth smoking TCRB, HBRB
Carolyn Reyes-Guzman Reyes-Guzman Carolyn Program Director Light and intermittent smoking; Behavioral co-morbidities of tobacco use; Non-cigarette tobacco products; Biomarkers of tobacco exposure TCRB
Bob Vollinger Vollinger Bob Program Director State and community interventions; Tobacco control policy; Media TCRB, HCIRB
Gordon Willis Willis Gordon Program Director Survey methods; Questionnaires design; Pretesting; Physician surveys; Human subjects protection; Cancer risk factor epidemiology TCRB, HCIRB