Our team of accomplished scientists, research associates, fellows, and administrators is dedicated to advancing cancer-related behavioral science research. This staff directory can help you:

  • find the appropriate contact for a research project.
  • learn more about our network of mentorship and collaboration.
  • browse our program staff's range of talents and professional backgrounds.

You are welcome to contact our staff to learn more about behavioral research at the National Cancer Institute.

Photo Last Name First Name Title Research Areas Branch/ Office
Kelly Blake Blake Kelly Program Director Media effects; Social epidemiology; Communication inequality; Public health policy; Tobacco control; Survey research methods; Rural cancer control HCIRB, TCRB
Wen-Ying Chou Chou Wen-Ying Program Director Web 2.0 and social media; Patient-provider communication; Qualitative and mixed methods health research; Health literacy; Health disparities; Global cancer control research HCIRB, HSIRB
Anna Gaysynsky Gaysynsky Anna Contractor, ICF International HCIRB
Riante Jones Jones Riante Program Support Assistant HCIRB
William  Klein Klein William Associate Director, BRP Acting Branch Chief, HCIRB Social psychology; Risk perception; Decision-making OAD, HCIRB
Lisa Klesges Klesges Lisa Contractor Behavior change and connected health interventions;Dissemination and implementation research methods;Learning health systems and complex interventions;Rural cancer control and population health improvement HCIRB
Melinda Krakow Krakow Melinda Cancer Prevention Fellow Health communication; Dissemination of cancer science and cancer in the media; Family health communication and genetics; Rural health HCIRB
Glen Morgan Morgan Glen Program Director Nicotine addiction; Smoking cessation and treatment; Transdisciplinary tobacco use research centers TCRB, HCIRB
Wendy Nelson Nelson Wendy Program Director Decision making; Behavioral economics and health; Health numeracy/literacy; Human subjects protections; Cognitive effects of chemotherapy and cancer; Adherence to oral targeted therapies; Risk reduction strategies for women at high risk for ovarian cancer BBPSB, HCIRB
April Oh Oh April Program Director Social determinants of health, multilevel influences on health behavior and health communication; Community health promotion; Physical activity; Diet; Obesity; mHealth; Implementation science; HPV vaccination HCIRB, IS
Emily Peterson Peterson Emily Cancer Research Training Award Fellow HCIRB
Camella Rising Rising Camella Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Family health and cancer communication across the life span; Communication and uncertainty management; Nutrition and physical activity behavior; Digital health; Social support HCIRB
Neha Trivedi Trivedi Neha Cancer Research Training Award Fellow HCIRB
Bob Vollinger Vollinger Bob Program Director State and community interventions; Tobacco control policy; Media TCRB, HCIRB
Gordon Willis Willis Gordon Program Director Survey methods; Questionnaires design; Pretesting; Physician surveys; Human subjects protection; Cancer risk factor epidemiology TCRB, HCIRB