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Health Behaviors Research Branch (HBRB)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
Tanya Agurs-Collins Agurs-Collins
Tanya Program Director Lifestyle factors, biomarkers and cancer risk in ethnic/minority populations; Gene-behavior interactions; Obesity and cancer risk HBRB, BBPSB
David Berrigan Berrigan
David Program Director Physical activity and the built environment; Energy balance and carcinogenesis; Ecology, evolution, and physiology of behavioral and life history traits HBRB, TCRB
Susan Czajkowski Czajkowski
Susan Chief, HBRB Psychosocial and behavioral risk factors and interventions; Behavioral treatment development; Adherence to medical and behavioral regimens; Obesity; Health-related quality of life HBRB
Laura Dwyer Dwyer
Laura Contractor - Cape Fox Facilities Services   OAD-BRP, HBRB
Rebecca Ferrer Ferrer
Rebecca Program Director Emotion/affective science; Judgment and decision making; Risk perception; Social psychology BBPSB, HBRB
Kara Hall Hall
Kara Program Director Science of team science; Health behavior theory; Dissemination and implementation science; System science approaches; Research methods; Intervention development HBRB, BBPSB
Anne Hartman Hartman
Anne Program Director Tobacco assessment/monitoring; Sun exposure assessment/monitoring TCRB, HBRB
Yvonne Hunt Hunt
Yvonne Program Director Smoking cessation; Co-morbid conditions; Emerging technologies for cessation; Youth smoking TCRB, HBRB
Anne Julian Julian
Anne Cancer Prevention Fellow   HBRB
Kasey Morris Morris
Kasey Cancer Research Training Award Fellow Social psychology; Self and identity; Skin cancer prevention; Physical activity HBRB
Jenn Nguyen Nguyen
Jenn Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   HBRB
Minal Patel Patel
Minal Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow   HBRB
Lilian Perez Perez
Lilian Cancer Prevention Fellow Built environment; Physical activity; Cancer and obesity prevention; Global health; Immigrant health; Health disparities; Ecological models of health behaviors HBRB
Frank Perna Perna
Frank Program Director Physical activity; School policy; Skin cancer prevention; Sport psychology; Cancer survivorship; Biopsychosocial mechanisms and theories of behavior change HBRB, IS
Elise Rice Rice
Elise Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   HBRB
Calvin Tribby Tribby
Calvin Cancer Prevention Fellow Built environment; Physical activity; Walking; Transportation systems; Obesity; Geographic information science HBRB
Kimberly Woodhouse Woodhouse
Kimberly Program Specialist   HBRB