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Health Behaviors Research Branch (HBRB)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
Tanya Agurs-Collins Agurs-Collins
Tanya Program Director Lifestyle factors, hormones, obesity and cancer risk in ethnic/minority populations; gene-environment-behavior interactions and obesity/cancer risk; policy research HBRB, BBPSB
David Berrigan Berrigan
David Program Director Physical activity and the built environment; energy balance and carcinogenesis; ecology, evolution, and physiology of behavioral and life history traits HBRB, TCRB
Shirley Bluethmann Bluethmann
Shirley Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow   HBRB
Susan Czajkowski Czajkowski
Susan Chief, HBRB Psychosocial and behavioral risk factors and interventions, behavioral treatment development, adherence to medical and behavioral regimens, obesity, health-related quality of life HBRB
Laura Dwyer Dwyer
Laura Contractor - Cape Fox Facilities Services   HBRB
Rebecca Ferrer Ferrer
Rebecca Program Director Emotion/affective science, judgment and decision making, risk perception, social psychology BBPSB, HBRB
Kara Hall Hall
Kara Program Director Science of team science, health behavior theory, dissemination and implementation science, system science approaches, research methods, intervention development HBRB, BBPSB
Anne Hartman Hartman
Anne Program Director Tobacco Assessment/Monitoring; Sun Exposure Assessment/Monitoring TCRB, HBRB
Yvonne Hunt Hunt
Yvonne Program Director Smoking Cessation, Co-morbid Conditions, Emerging Technologies for Cessation, Youth Smoking TCRB, HBRB
Kasey Morris Morris
Kasey Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   HBRB
Minal Patel Patel
Minal Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow   HBRB
Frank Perna Perna
Frank Program Director Clinical health and sport psychology, physical activity, school policy, biopsychosocial mechanisms and theories of behavior change HBRB
Elise Rice Rice
Elise Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   HBRB
Kimberly Woodhouse Woodhouse
Kimberly Program Specialist   HBRB