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Basic Biobehavioral and Psychological Sciences Branch (BBPSB)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
Tanya Agurs-Collins Agurs-Collins
Tanya Program Director Lifestyle factors, hormones, obesity and cancer risk in ethnic/minority populations; gene-environment-behavior interactions and obesity/cancer risk; policy research HBRB, BBPSB
Erin Ellis Ellis
Erin Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow   BBPSB
Rebecca Ferrer Ferrer
Rebecca Program Director Emotion/affective science, judgment and decision making, risk perception, social psychology BBPSB, HBRB
Tracey Goldner Goldner
Tracey Fellow - Health Communications Intern   OAD, BBPSB
Ingrid Gooch Gooch
Ingrid Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   BBPSB
Paige Green Green
Paige Chief, BBPSB Stress-mediated effects on cancer biology; stress measurement and methodology, psychoneuroimmunology BBPSB
Kara Hall Hall
Kara Program Director Science of team science, health behavior theory, dissemination and implementation science, system science approaches, research methods, intervention development HBRB, BBPSB
Donna Hopkins Hopkins
Donna Program Specialist   BBPSB, HCIRB
Todd Horowitz Horowitz
Todd Program Director Attention, Visual Perception, Circadian Rhythms BBPSB, TCRB
Wendy Nelson Nelson
Wendy Program Director Decision making, behavioral economics and health, health numeracy/literacy, human subjects protections, cognitive effects of chemotherapy and cancer, adherence to oral targeted therapies, risk reduction strategies for women at high risk for ovarian cancer BBPSB, HCIRB
Melissa Trevino Trevino
Melissa Cancer Research Training Award Fellow   BBPSB