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Office of Assoc Dir - Behavioral Research Program (OAD-BRP)
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Last Name
First Name
Research Area
Joan Becker Becker
Joan Program Analyst   OAD-BRP
Laura Dwyer Dwyer
Laura Contractor - Cape Fox Facilities Services   OAD-BRP, HBRB
Michele Fisher Fisher
Michele Program Specialist   OAD-BRP
Tracey Goldner Goldner
Tracey Fellow - Health Communications Intern   OAD-BRP, BBPSB
Meredith Grady Grady
Meredith Public Health Advisor   TCRB, OAD-BRP
Debbie Greenberg Greenberg
Debbie Program Analyst   OAD-BRP
Annette Kaufman Kaufman
Annette Program Director Tobacco control; Policy; Applied social psychology; Risk perception; Multiple health behavior change; Health behavior theory; Health communication TCRB, OAD-BRP
William  Klein Klein
William Associate Director, BRP Social psychology; Risk perception; Decision-making OAD-BRP
Mimi Lising Lising
Mimi Technical Writer-Editor   OAD-BRP
Kristen Mangold Mangold
Kristen Public Health Advisor   OAD-BRP, TCRB
Angela Marler Marler
Angela Presidential Management Fellow   OAD-BRP
Tommie McKoy McKoy
Tommie Program Analyst   OAD-BRP
Richard Moser Moser
Richard Training Director and Research Methods Coordinator Statistical methodology; Survey methodology; Data harmonization; Health cognitions; End-of-life OAD-BRP
Linda Nebeling Nebeling
Linda Deputy Associate Director Nutrition; Energy balance; Health promotion; Cancer prevention OAD-BRP
Mary O'Connell O'Connell
Mary Public Health Advisor   OAD-BRP
Megan Roberts Roberts
Megan Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow Implementation science; Health services research; Precision screening and treatment OAD-BRP
Jerry  Suls Suls
Jerry Senior Scientist Role of social influence, cognitive, affective and biological factors in risk and adaptation to cancer and heart disease OAD-BRP
Gina Tesauro Tesauro
Gina Public Health Advisor   OAD-BRP
Christopher  Wheldon Wheldon
Christopher Fellow - Cancer Prevention Fellow Cancer disparities; Tobacco control; Underserved populations; Culturally responsive care OAD-BRP