Our team of accomplished scientists, research associates, fellows, and administrators is dedicated to advancing cancer-related behavioral science research. This staff directory can help you:

  • find the appropriate contact for a research project.
  • learn more about our network of mentorship and collaboration.
  • browse our program staff's range of talents and professional backgrounds.

You are welcome to contact our staff to learn more about behavioral research at the National Cancer Institute.

Photo Last Name First Name Title Research Areas Branch/ Office
Joan Becker Becker Joan Program Analyst OAD
Laura Dwyer Dwyer Laura Contractor - Cape Fox Facilities Services OAD, HBRB
Michele Fisher Fisher Michele Program Specialist OAD
Meredith Grady Grady Meredith Public Health Advisor TCRB, OAD
Debbie Greenberg Greenberg Debbie Program Analyst OAD
Margaux Henquinet Henquinet Margaux Cancer Research Training Award Fellow OAD
Bradford Hesse Hesse Bradford Senior Advisor Health communication; Informatics research; Human system integration OAD
Annette Kaufman Kaufman Annette Program Director Tobacco control; Policy; Applied social psychology; Risk perception; Multiple health behavior change; Health behavior theory; Health communication TCRB, OAD
William  Klein Klein William Associate Director, BRP Acting Branch Chief, HCIRB Social psychology; Risk perception; Decision-making OAD, HCIRB
Mimi Lising Lising Mimi Technical Writer-Editor OAD
Kristen Mangold Mangold Kristen Public Health Advisor TCRB, OAD
Tommie McKoy McKoy Tommie Program Analyst OAD
Richard Moser Moser Richard Training Director and Research Methods Coordinator Statistical methodology; Survey methodology; Data harmonization; Health cognitions; End-of-life OAD
Linda Nebeling Nebeling Linda Deputy Associate Director Nutrition; Energy balance; Health promotion; Cancer prevention OAD
Mary O'Connell O'Connell Mary Scientific Program Manager OAD
Jerry  Suls Suls Jerry Senior Scientist Role of social influence, cognitive, affective and biological factors in risk and adaptation to cancer and heart disease OAD
Gina Tesauro Tesauro Gina Public Health Advisor OAD
Christopher  Wheldon Wheldon Christopher Cancer Prevention Fellow Health disparities; Cancer prevention; Culturally responsive cancer care; Underserved populations; Mixed methods research OAD