National Cancer Institute
Richard P. Moser

Richard P. Moser, Ph.D.

Training Director and Research Methods Coordinator
Office of Assoc Dir - Behavioral Research Program (OAD-BRP)
Behavioral Research Program (BRP)

Research Area: Statistical methodology; Survey methodology; Data harmonization; Health cognitions; End-of-life

Richard (Rick) P. Moser, Ph.D., is the Fellowship Training and Research Methods Coordinator in the Behavioral Research Program's Office of the Associate Director, which is housed within the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He directs the fellowship training program for the Division and provides analytic support for BRP research projects, including research design, data access, and statistical methodology. Dr. Moser serves as the Health Information National Trends Survey's (HINTS) data coordinator, and he directs the Grid-Enabled Measures (GEM) project, which is a web-based portal that uses technologically mediated social participation to promote the use of standardized health research measures and data sharing.

Dr. Moser's research interests include statistical methodology, survey methods, data harmonization practices, health cognitions, and end-of-life issues. Before joining NCI, he conducted alcoholism research at the Palo Alto, California, Veterans Affairs Hospital. He also taught statistics at several Bay Area psychology graduate programs and consulted for a leading statistical software company. He is an author or co-author on more than 65 peer-reviewed journal articles and several book chapters spanning a range of topics including survey methodology, analytic procedures, health behaviors, and innovative uses of data.

Current and past BRP mentees include Katrina Serrano, Christopher Wheldon and Stephanie Fowler.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Sheehan, J., Hirschfeld, S., Foster, E., Ghitza, U., Goetz, K., Karpinski, J., Lang, L., Moser, R. P., Odenkirchen, J., Reeves, D., Rubinstein, Y., Werner, E., & Huerta, M. Improving the value of clinical research through the use of common data elements. Clin Trials 2016:1-6.

Hesse, B.W., Moser, R.P., & Riley, W.T. From big data to knowledge in the social sciences. Ann Am Acad Polit Soc Sci 2015; 659(1):16-32.

Patel, V., Beckjord, E., Moser, R.P., Hughes, P., & Hesse, B.W. The role of health care experience and consumer information efficacy in shaping privacy and security perceptions of medical records: National consumer survey results. JMIR Med Inform 2015; 3(2):e14.

Parry, C., Beckjord, E., Moser, R.P., Vieux, S.N., Padgett, L.S., & Hesse, B.W. It takes a (virtual) village: Crowdsourcing measurement consensus to advance survivorship care planning. Trans Beh Med 2015; 5(1):53-59.

Moser, R. P., Arndt, J., Han, P. K., Waters, E. A., Amsellem, M., & Hesse, B. W. Perceptions of Cancer as a Death Sentence: Prevalence and consequences. J Health Psychol 2013; 18(12).

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