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Laura Dwyer

Laura Dwyer, Ph.D.

Contractor - Cape Fox Facilities Services
Office of Assoc Dir - Behavioral Research Program (OAD-BRP)
Behavioral Research Program (BRP)

Laura Dwyer, Ph.D., is a Scientific Program Manager for Cape Fox Facilities Services. She supports the Behavioral Research Program (BRP) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Dr. Dwyer works on multiple research and dissemination activities. She provides support to NCI's Family Life, Activity, Sun, Health and Eating (FLASHE) Study, including working on data releases and updates, communicating with data users, and conducting analyses. She also supports the Classification of Laws Associated with School Students (CLASS) website and contributes to research in multiple areas such as health behaviors among individuals and dyads, diet and physical activity, sun safety, and psychosocial and neighborhood correlates of health behaviors.

Dr. Dwyer has experience in survey and experimental research that examines theory-based constructs related to health and health risk-taking. During her postdoctoral fellowship, she examined correlates of cancer-preventive health behaviors through quantitative analysis and literature reviews.

Dr. Dwyer is a former Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) postdoctoral fellow in the Health Behaviors Research Branch (HBRB). She earned a doctorate in applied social psychology from the George Washington University and holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the College of the Holy Cross.

Secondary Branch/Office Appointment:  Health Behaviors Research Branch (HBRB)

Current and past BRP mentors include April Oh and Linda Nebeling.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Dwyer LA, Bolger N, Laurenceau JP, Patrick H, Oh AY, Nebeling LC, Hennessy E. Autonomous Motivation and Fruit/Vegetable Intake in Parent-Adolescent Dyads. Am J Prev Med 2017 Jun; 52(6):863-871.

Nebeling LC, Hennessy E, Oh AY, Dwyer LA, Patrick H, Blanck HM, Perna FM, Ferrer RA, Yaroch AL. The FLASHE Study: Survey Development, Dyadic Perspectives, and Participant Characteristics. Am J Prev Med 2017 Jun; 52(6):839-848.

Perna FM, Dwyer LA, Tesauro G, Taber JM, Norton WE, Hartman AM, Geller AC. Research on Skin Cancer-Related Behaviors and Outcomes in the NIH Grant Portfolio, 2000-2014: Skin Cancer Intervention Across the Cancer Control Continuum (SCI-3C). JAMA Dermatol 2017 May 1; 153(5):398-405.

Dwyer L, Oh A, Patrick H, Hennessy E. Promoting family meals: A review of existing interventions and opportunities for future research. Adolesc Health Med Ther 2015 Jun 22; 6:115-131.

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